Dr. David Greenberg is a psychologist, musician, behavioral scientist, and expert in music psychology. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge and an MPhil in Clinical Psychology from the City University of New York. He received the Early Career Research Award from ESCOM for his work on musical engagement. He is the founder of Musical Universe, which is a scientific platform that uses big data to improve lives across cultures. He is the founder of Music for The Children which is a non-for-profit organization that provides music therapy services to children with disabilities and funds cutting-edge research at leading Universities. He consults for companies in tech, media and entertainment, including Spotify, National Geographic, and C4.


He is based in New York and a visiting researcher in the Department of Psychiatry and Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. He has developed several scientific tests on musical engagement, emotion regulation, and empathy. He works with an international team of researchers using big data, experimental methods, and fMRI to investigate the topics of music, personality, autism, emotion regulation, trauma, and social conflict. His work has been covered by popular media outlets and he has appeared extensively on radio and television. He has lectured and supervised at the University of Cambridge, Rowan University and City College of New York—where he developed an undergraduate course in the Psychology of Music.


David works with a team to provide coaching services for children, adolescents, and adults. He specializes creatives, musicians, and children and adults with autism and disabilities. He gives talks and workshops on the power of music, including an interactive workshop called Awakening Yourself in Music, which explores psychological growth through music and creativity. You can follow David’s writings on Psychology Today.


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