Current Projects That I’m Leading:


Big Music Data Use big data to explore the uses and effects of music across cultures.


Collaborators: Jason Rentfrow (University of Cambridge), Kai Fricke

Emotion Regulation Developing of a new model and assessment of emotion regulation and mentalization. Exploring how dimensions of emotion regulation underpin transdiagnosstic clinical conditions.


Collaborators: Elliot Jurist (City University of New York)

Big Data, Empathy, Autism Using big data to understand autism and its link to empathy, systemizing, and sensory perception.


Collaborators: Simon Baron-Cohen (University of Cambridge)

Personality in Autism Mapping the Five-Factor model of personality in autism.


Collaborators: Simon Baron-Cohen, and Robert R. McCrae (NIH)

Nature of Empathy Exploring the psychological correlates of empathy and its facets, and how traumatic childhood events shape empathy in adulthood.



Collaborators: Simon Baron-Cohen, Peter Fonagy (UCL), Michal Kosinski (Stanford), David Stillwell (University of Cambridge), Peter Jason Rentfrow

Music—Clinical, Health Mapping the role of music use and effects in clinical diagnoses including bipolar, ADHD, depression, and other mood, developmental, and anxiety disorders.
Music—Personality Mapping how musical preferences and ability links to personality and child development



Collaborators: Jason Rentfrow, Simon Baron-Cohen, Michael Lamb (University of Cambridge), Michal Kosinski, David Stillwell

Music—Autism Exploring how those with autism use and are effected by music in everyday life


Collaborators: Simon-Baron Cohen, Jason Rentfrow

Music—Social Conflict, Empathy Exploring how music can increase empathy and resolve social conflict.


Collaborators: Simon Baron-Cohen, Jason Rentfrow

Music—Trauma The role of childhood development and trauma in musical preferences and ability


Collaborators: Jason Rentfrow, Daniel Mullensiephen (Goldsmiths), Michael Lamb (University of Cambridge)

Music—Language Using NLP and varied linguistic techniques to examine the role of language in musical peak experiences.


Collaborators: Daniel First and colleagues (Columbia University).



Tests Developed:


MEI A 23-item measure of music listening engagement.
B-MEI A brief 15-item measure of the MEI
MAS A 60-item measures that assesses 3 dimensions of emotion regulation
B-MAS A brief 12-item measure of the MAS. Coming soon
EQ-10 Developed a 10-item measure of empathy based on the Empathy Quotient. Coming soon
SQ-R-10 Developed a 10-item measure of systemizing based on the Empathy Quotient. Coming soon
SPQ-10 Developed a 10-item measure of sensory perception based on the Empathy Quotient. Coming soon



Datasets available for collaboration:


Musical Universe Dataset (150,000 participants across 30 cultures)




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